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Melbourne Anthology Hour

Melbourne Anthology Hour is a student radio show run by Alex McFadden and Jackson Young that provides a platform for up and coming poets, authors and playwrights to share their creativity over the airwaves! We broadcast on Radio Fodder each week and podcast our show so you can listen whenever you want to. If you want to be on the show you can contact us at with submissions

Oct 5, 2018

Jackson got older, Alex got together some files, this is a gift for you as much as it is for Jackson (and you'll probably like it more than him cause he finds it weird to hear his own voice)

Sep 19, 2018

In a rare display of self motivation Alex has made time to edit together the three parts of "The Hollow Mound" by David Churack so that you can listen to it in its entirety whenever you wish to hear this wonderfully dramatic story

May 27, 2018

In which two students become one, a booty call becomes an uber driver, we get a somewhat traumatizing glimpse into the past, and basically just talk shit for a while. This is the end of our first volume and we have plans to be back. Thank you, dear listener, for tuning in.

May 17, 2018

In which a Harold Holt conspiracy theorist vanishes, and four students become two.

May 10, 2018

Alex and Jackson return, a nugget is stolen, and four students experience an early graduation. Trent Vu shares his piece "A Shit Job" and we play part one of "The Hollow Mound" by David Churack.